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As we enter the final fortnight of the General Election, Wycombe Labour are out in the Community speaking to voters, just as we have been over the last 18 months.

Our Candidate, Councillor Khalil Ahmed, has been working hard within the Constituency since his selection by Labour Party Members in 2018. Along with his District Councillor role for Disraeli Ward within High Wycombe, Khalil has a strong record in holding the Conservative led council to account on motions of a Climate Crisis, Islamophobia and much more.

Sadly, the Liberal Democrats have been putting out some false comments regarding Labour’s position. Firstly, is that a vote for our candidate is not a vote for remain. This is untrue as the Wycombe Labour Party voted earlier this year to hold to the constituency's result of the referendum and pledged to campaign to remain in the EU. This also reflects the view of Councillor Ahmed as a Parliamentary Candidate, who campaigned for remain during the referendum time. Secondly, it needs to be clarified that in the 2017 General Election, the Conservative Candidate in Wycombe won, receiving 26,766 votes. Our Labour candidate came a close second, receiving 20,188 votes. The Liberal Democrats received just 4147 votes, which is less than a quarter of our vote share. Furthermore, the Liberal Democrats only have 1 District Councillor, and no County Councillors within the Constituency or indeed Wycombe District Council areas. From these results, it's extremely clear that a vote for any party other than Wycombe Labour is a vote for Steve Baker. Results from the MEP Selections or Police Commission Selections should never be used as a way of determining a General Election swing, as they consistently have lower turnouts and therefore do not reflect the same data as a General Election statistics.

The only way to have your say on Brexit, end austerity and fight the climate crisis is to vote for Labour in Wycombe.

Make sure your vote counts in Wycombe by voting for Khalil Ahmed on December 12th.

- Nigel,

Wycombe Labour Party Chairman

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