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With the recent news that Theresa May is standing down as Leader of the Conservative Party, a General Election looks that much closer. The Conservatives have, it appears, no other choices but to elect a right wing hard Brexit leader ( I say this as all the probable contenders are leading Leave campaigners). What is needed is a new Government that will look to the interests of the nation before its Party. Twice in the last four years, leaders of the Tory Party have put themselves first - Cameron by calling the Referendum on the EU due to the reported rise in support for UKIP, Theresa May by calling a General Election which ended with giving the DUP £1 Billion to secure a working majority. Her inability to negotiate a Brexit deal because she set her red lines has left the UK in the most embarrassing position our Country has every been in. Even in talks with our Leadership she has steadfastly refused to move her position.

We here in the Wycombe Constituency have an MP who not only has actively campaigned against the wishes of his own constituents, but has been at the forefront disposing of Theresa May. However we in the Labour Party have a Prime Minister in waiting in Jeremy Corbyn, leading a team of ministers that will put the country first. They will end the pain of the needless Austerity program inflicted on the nation by Cameron, Osborne and co. that hit not only the most vulnerable and in need, but also working families now dependent on Food Banks.

Here in Wycombe we have selected a very able and hard working candidate in Khalil Ahmed, whose record has a District Councillor speaks for itself. In the coming weeks and months we will be seeking your support even further. The hard working campaign group will need Volunteers to help do all sorts of work.

We CAN ELECT Khalil Ahmed has our next MP but it will take a joint effort from us all. If you want to know more please contact us at

Nigel P Vickery

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