Labour Party Merit Award for Wycombe Couple

Longstanding Wycombe Labour member Molly Fowler and her late husband Trevor were today recognised for their lifetime of service to the Labour Party, receiving the Labour Party Merit Award at the party’s annual conference in Liverpool. With only a handful given out each year, the prestigious award recognises the dedication that the couple have given to the community and to the party they joined 62 years ago.

Having served as both District and County Councillor, Trevor had had the most experience in frontline politics, fighting for residents of the town he lived in his entire life. Molly, whilst not on the frontline, has been a vital member of Wycombe Labour Party for the past seven decades taking on diverse roles, from being the party treasurer, to raising money for striking miners by selling homemade pies at meetings.

Whilst the award was given primarily for service to the Labour Party, both have played an active role in the community throughout their lives. Molly has served as a magistrate, school governor and in 2001 was awarded an MBE for services to Scouting and to the community. Trevor was also a school governor, served as part of the Wycombe Race Equality Council, and was a lifelong trade unionist, fighting for working people in this capacity as well as through the Labour Party.

Speaking of the pair, current District Councillor and parliamentary candidate, Khalil Ahmed, said of Molly and Trevor that “their passion and commitment to challenge anybody that was doing wrong by the people of Wycombe has always acted as an inspiration.”

The award was presented by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and deputy leader Tom Watson. Due to the recent passing of Trevor, the award was accepted on their behalf by the local Party secretary, Adam Coulthard. A local ceremony will be arranged in the coming months for Molly to personally receive the award.

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