News from the Wycombe Labour Chair

Since becoming Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has had a bad time of things to say the least. He hasn't managed to win one vote inside the House of Commons; lost a By-Election; and in the last few days, lost a battle in the Supreme Court. He is determined to take our Country out of the EU at the end of October, deal or no deal, regardless of the impact his negotiations will have on ordinary citizens. He and his ultra-right-wing cabinet have lost all (if they ever had any) sense of compromise. He has even kicked out 21 of his own MP's for daring to stand up against his bullying, and what they believe to be right. The Conservative Party is yet again putting itself before the needs of our country. The Labour Party have this week committed ourselves to a second referendum when we win the next General Election.

Locally, Wycombe CLP's policy to support a second referendum and a commitment to campaign for a Remain vote. This was voted upon at a previous CLP meeting and is inline with party policy, and the outcome of Wycombe being a remain constituency in the referendum.

The forthcoming General Election is about more than Brexit. It's about the future of our NHS, national education at all levels, and vital funding other public services such as policing, the courts services and local councils. Labour is the only party committed to investment on these issues. Paid for by a fairer taxation system that see those who can afford it pay their fair share, and Multi National Corporations pay the correct taxes that the Conservatives have allowed them to evade. Here in the Wycombe CLP, we have a parliamentary candidate in Councillor Khalil Ahmed that will represent our community for the benefit of the many, not the few. He will stand up for Labour values, promote our national interest, secure growth and champion our core values of equality, social justice and opportunity for all.

If you share these values and our policies for National Government, join the Labour Party today. Join Wycombe Labour to bring our values to our Community.

Nigel P Vickery Chair of Wycombe CLP

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