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Our Parliamentary Candidate


Councillor Khalil Ahmed

Wycombe Labour’s parliamentary candidate is long-standing Councillor, former-Mayor and local resident Khalil Ahmed.

Cllr Khalil Ahmed is responsible for Disraeli ward, right in the heart of High Wycombe. He has lived in the area since childhood and has brought his own children up in the town. Recently he has been campaigning for a Town Council in High Wycombe and to bring Wycombe’s famous Charter Market back under local council control. He supports Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) and has links, through his time as Wycombe Mayor, to Cardiomyopathy UK and Diabetes UK. He supports the campaign to get knives off Wycombe’s streets.

Khalil’s main priority as a future MP is to ensure that his door is always open for local people so that they can approach him with any problems and get the help they need.

These are his local pledges for Wycombe:

  • Bring back our A&E department

  • Push for an inclusive, well-funded education system

  • Build new houses

  • Support Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI)

  • Improve public transport


"The town has changed over the years and I believe that it has too often been neglected by the local council through poor leadership and bad planning. This inspired me to become a Councillor and try to change things for the better and now I want to do the same in parliament.

​I will be an MP who puts local people first. The people of Wycombe deserve better representation and a door that's always open for local problems. I know my hometown and the surrounding area well and fully appreciate the needs of Wycombe and its residents.​ I

​will change Wycombe by becoming its MP and standing up for the things that matter."

Councillor Khalil Ahmed

WY102256 - p16 Petition for Town Council

Councillors Launch Petition for Town Council

January 11th 2019

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