Manifesto for our Future

Our proud aims, targets & priorities for Wycombe

NHS and Social Care

With the second largest population in Buckinghamshire (after distant Milton Keynes), the residents of Wycombe and South Bucks need local healthcare, especially as the town grows further.

Labour councillors, and a Labour MP for Wycombe, will:

Þ Push for the reinstatement of A&E at Wycombe Hospital

Recent years have seen one in ten people reaching the age of 65 face lifetime care. Conservative underfunding of the NHS and Social Care means doctors surgeries are now closing at an alarming rate: it is now common to wait 10 days for an appointment. Doctors and nurses have been stretched, whilst their pay has dropped in real terms.

A Labour Government will:

Þ Lay the foundations of a National Care Service for England, joining up in REAL Terms Social Care and our Health Service so that all care is free at the point of use.

Þ Train 10,000 new nurses to make up for the shortfall in the NHS and support people seeking a new career in the caring professions.



The average property value in Wycombe is now £426,573[1], out of reach for most local residents. Renting from a private landlord remains the only option for many residents, and the council, at a huge and rising cost.

A Labour-led council in Wycombe will:

Þ Hold a major review and consultation into local housing policies

Þ Ensure that local planning will deliver homes for the community, not houses that earn the biggest profits for the developer

Þ Aim to help every rough sleeper get off the streets within 7 days

Þ Build affordable new housing

Þ Apply a responsible, inclusive council Housing Policy

Þ Bring housing services back in-house and fully under council control

Nationally, housing is increasingly out of the reach of younger people, and those on lower incomes.

A Labour Government will:

Þ Build 100,000 social homes, ensuring decent housing for all

Law & Order

A Labour-led council and a Labour MP for Wycombe will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner and Thames Valley Police to ensure that Wycombe remains a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

A Labour government will:

Þ Reverse the Conservative-led government’s police cuts

Foggy Forest


Air quality in parts of High Wycombe and Marlow is very poor, with two Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in operation. In some areas air pollution is 70% above recommended averages [2].
A Labour-led council will:
Þ Review the measures in place to tackle poor air quality and set targets to address this problem. Work with experts to reduce pollution and create a healthier environment for people who live and work in areas with poor air quality.
Þ Invest in affordable public transport, reducing emissions from commercial vehicles. Encourage fewer car journeys.
Þ We have a whole radt of policies covering pollution and causes of pollution.


The educational attainment Gap between the richest and poorest children in Buckinghamshire is one of the highest in England. We are committed to reducing this gap, with the aim of ultimately eliminating it. WLP has already made proposals to National Labour Party on this issue. A Labour-led council will:
Þ Work to introduce equal resources and opportunities in all Bucks schools
Þ Ensure that Wycombe school admissions prioritise Wycombe residents
Þ Review catchment areas
Þ Work with local parents and teachers to oppose education cuts
Þ Review school transport and prioritise children who need it the most

Adult Students
Experts Panel

Local Democracy

Wycombe is one of the largest unparished areas in the country. This means that decisions on matters concerning Wycombe Town can be taken by councillors from other towns.
The Wycombe Labour Party has, with cross-party coorperation, successfully campaigned and attained 5,000 signatories for a Wycombe Town Council. This will place us on an even keel with the rest of Buckinghamshire, promoting equal democratic representation across the county.
As Buckinghamshire transitions to a Unitary Authority, Wycombe Labour will fight to ensure that the views of residents from Wycombe are represented fairly.
In addition to this, all councillors and a Labour MP pledge to:
Þ Consult regularly with constituents through surgeries or local canvassing
Þ Receive equality and diversity training so that they may promote inclusivity and support all through their work.

Roads & Fly-Tipping

Buckinghamshire needs investment. A Labour government will return central funding to councils.
A Labour-led council will:
Þ Ensure this money will be spent rebuilding our vital roads infrastructure, not just the Motorways and A-Roads.
Þ Ensure that subcontractors are monitored and held to account
Þ Stop the rise in Fly Tipping which has recently become endemic in our streets. Address over grown verges.
Þ Ensure that funding is directed towards maintaining infrastructure for the future

Aerial Photo of a Road

Small Businesses

Wycombe and Bucks Labour will bring forward initiatives to support small businesses and innovation within our communities and re-invigorate our town centres.
A Labour run council would encourage the establishment and running of small businesses by building support functions and encouraging co-operative policies for procurement council tenders.


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