Local Elections 2021

We are very excited that the local council elections will finally be going ahead for 2021 after their postponement due to COVID-19. We have an excellent selection of candidates, a mix of current Councillors and fresh new faces, who have been working hard to make your ward a better place.

So without further ado - meet your candidates!





"I have lived in High Wycombe since 1998, and currently reside within the ward. With your help I aim to improve the town centre by promoting the historic part of Wycombe which includes Frogmoor and the High Street and push the council to invest in improving the aesthetics and making it easier for local people to start businesses offering local products and services.Now that Wycombe is part of a unitary council, I believe in advocating for a town council which will help us improve the focus and attention on the town. Most of all I am interested in fighting for changes that you as residents feel that are most important to you."

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"I am Stacey McAdam, a mother of two young children and a criminal lawyer. I live in Wycombe and hope to be elected local Councillor for Labour within the Abbey ward. I am passionate about improving the local community. Pulling together has never been so important. Social Justice and Social Mobility are issues that face the area and issues close to my heart. I hope I will get the opportunity to make a difference and continue to fight for the town council."

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"I'm a magazine editor and working mother of two. Wycombe is a great place to live with so much going for it, but it feels like this proud old market town has been 'left behind' in some respects, and I'm keen to see that addressed. Support for local businesses, issues around school provision and allocation, safer and better roads, sustainable and affordable housing that doesn't come with a huge environmental price tag, reinvigorating the town centre from both a business and aesthetic perspective - these are all issues that are close to my heart."


Booker, Cressex & Castlefield



“I have lived in High Wycombe for over 30 years.  I was a Maths teacher for 38 years until I retired in 2016.  In addition to teaching locally, I worked for Bucks County Council as a Maths advisor for two years. I have been a governor at a Bucks maintained nursery school since 1999, and chair of governors since 2003.  In 2015, I led the governing body to open another maintained nursery school and to manage a Children’s Centre, which we did very successfully.”



"Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed the increase in rubbish dumped in this ward and the speeding on residential roads. These are ongoing safety issues and I would like to tackle them so that High Wycombe is safer for all of us. I am a married parent of two children aged 8 and 11. I worked as Wycombe Labour’s organiser for the 2019 general election campaign and I want to make Booker, Cressex and Castlefield a better place for everyone who lives and works here."



"I have lived in Oakridge and Castlefield most of my life. Over the years, I have been saddened to see this area turn from bad to worse. We have so many challenging issues in this area, such as antisocial behaviour, antisocial parking, drugs and the state of roads. I am determined to tackle this and have already purchased a MVAS (A Movable Vehicle Activated Sign) for my ward and have also set up a survey to ask residents if they would like 20MPH limits implemented near the local schools."


Totteridge & Bowerdean



"I’ve lived in Wycombe since 1984 and raised 2 children here. After graduating in Business Studies and a career in logistics, I worked as a carer and I have experienced and seen the effects of zero hours’ contracts and financial hardships on people’s lives. I want to help local people with local issues. I will hold surgeries to listen and will represent you and keep you informed. I want our ward to be safer. Dangerous driving, thoughtless parking and anti social behaviour must be tackled. I am registered disabled and I will be a strong voice for our diverse community."



"I have lived in Bowerdean since the 1970s and have a grown-up family. I am in my second term as a councillor and have led the Labour Group at WDC and now at Buckinghamshire Council. We have real problems in Totteridge and Bowerdean: parking, speeding, fly-tipping, poor state of roads with no meaningful amenities, especially for the youth. When the pandemic subsides, we have bigger issues such as health, education and housing and I am sure having a good knowledge of the area and a moral compass helps me to fight for our basic rights."



"I’ve lived in Wycombe for the last 28 years. I’ve run a small business here for most of that, worked in the NHS here latterly until my retirement from full-time work last year and raised two children here who both attended Wycombe schools. I’ve represented Totteridge & Bowerdean on both District and County Councils for 12 years in total up to 2015. As a voluntary school governor and trustee of primary and secondary schools in Wycombe I will continue to support all students through ever more difficult times and as your councillor work for better local and national government financial support."





"Since 2011, I have represented the Disraeli Ward in which I grew up in. I was also the parliamentary candidate for Labour in Wycombe during the 2019 general election in which we reduced the majority by a third. During this time, my achievements include the formation of a road safety group (DARS) to tackle the ever increasing challenge of speeding; setting up a Neighbourhood Action Group to act as a voice and liaison group to improve public services within the ward; forging a strong relationship with the local school to ensure that children receive the best possible opportunities to learn. More recently, I helped setup and run the Wycombe Food Hub to help vulnerable people affected by Covid-19."

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"My name is Melanie Smith and I am a Labour candidate in the May 2021 council elections, standing in Downley & Disraeli. It’s been great to get to know so many of you over the last few months when setting up the food bank and I can’t wait to work closer with you to help deliver the things that Downley and Disraeli need. The roads need sorting out and crime is on the rise and I know we’d all benefit from a Doctor’s surgery locally. I’ve lived in the area all my life, and Downley for the last 5 years. Helping our communities is really important to me."



"I care about High Wycombe and the diverse communities It has been a privilege to have served as councillor and Mayor of High Wycombe. I believe that elected councillors need to serve the public and to put the needs of local people first. Its critical for the best opportunities to be available to everyone. In the last year I delivered the Pastures Foodbank, Wycombe Food Hub and during lockdown was proactively working with groups across Downley and Disraeli. I’m determined to protect our valuable communities. I pledge to address the issues we face including antisocial behaviour, speeding and a Doctors Surgery."


West Wycombe & Sands



"I have lived in the area all of my life and my mum grew up here. Sands, West Wycombe and Piddington all have beautiful community spirits and I am committed to help enhance that. I've noticed the decline in many local businesses, many as a result of Covid-19, and I will endeavour to help counteract this in every way that I can. Two areas of major concern to me are fly-tipping and the need to introduce traffic calming measures. The former has effected Sands in particular since the introduction of charges at High Heavens tip. If elected as Councillor, I would strive to improve the ward for everyone."



"I feel very fortunate to be given the opportunity to stand as a candidate for Sands & West Wycombe. I am privileged to be a local Wycombe resident and a father of four. There are many issues in the ward that, to my great frustration, are not improving. Fly tipping and littering seem to be getting worse – a situation which I will endeavour to improve. Local transport and traffic is also an issue that I would like to tackle. With the recent fantastic success of Wycombe Wanderers, it is likely to become more congested on match days. I am committed to working closely with local businesses and residents to resolve this matter."



"I am a dedicated family man with three young daughters. My youngest was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome from birth – she brings so much happiness into our lives and acts as a continual source of strength for me to work harder for the community. I have a longstanding interest in politics and understand the local issues that we have been facing for many years in the face of a decade of austerity. I will work tirelessly to eliminate fly tipping, help the elderly and focus on traffic calming measures, as well as forging a close working relationship with social services in our neighbourhood."


Ryemead & Micklefield





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Terriers & Amersham Hill

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"Wycombe requires accountable Councillors who can listen to local residents. I am determined to keep our local area safe and free from anti-social behaviour; fight for tenants’ rights in the face of mounting rent debt; and put in place an affordable and accessible school transport system that benefits the many not the few. I want to see Wycombe thrive and am unwavering in my determination to help get the community back on their feet following COVID-19"

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"Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years, I realise the importance of having accessible healthcare for all and understand the worries of many local people since the majority of services were moved to Stoke Mandeville. As a parent of two children, I also understand the challenges of living in an area with selective education and am committed to working towards ensuring all children have access to a good educationregardless of their backgrounds."

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"I have lived in Terriers since the 1990s where I raised a family, with both children educated at local schools. I’ve worked in the charity and university sector for over 20 years and understand the value of education and ensuring that all our wonderful children go to properly funded and fully resourced schools. I believe it is essential that any new housing developments are both affordable and meet our environmental and transport needs. It is important to me that we create more electrical vehicle charge points, that Wycombe maintains its services and keeps its identity as we move to a new Council."


Tylers Green & Loudwater

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"Having worked in Tylers Green and Loudwater since 2014 I’ve seen neglect from the council, particularly in our roads and with litter. I am a self-motivated and proactive individual and if elected will work closely with Buckinghamshire Council and local groups to tackle these issues and make the area a safer and more pleasant place for all to live and work."

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"For many years I have wanted to ‘make a difference’, and I have come to realise that this can be done most successfully through collective action, starting at a local level. We need urgent change to combat inequality, and to tackle the climate and biodiversity emergencies. I believe that Wycombe Labour is ideally placed to fight these battles. I love the opportunity that local politics gives me to listen to so many people’s stories, to hear what they really want for the future of our Area, and to play a role in bringing it to fruition."







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Chiltern Villages


"I have lived in Wycombe for two years and am a full time mum looking after my one year old. My focus has always been on helping everyone and that’s why in the past I have worked for the NHS. My main reason for joining the Labour Party and standing as a candidate is to make a positive change to the environment and to improve the safety of our communities."




"With my wife Janet, I have lived in the Wycombe area since 1974. Now retired, I worked as a chartered town planner in the public sector and know this part of Buckinghamshire very well, both town and country. I believe that strong, well-funded local Councils have a key role to play in delivering targeted, responsive services to local people, services that sustain residents in our diverse communities, from cradle to grave. My wife Janet was a Labour Councillor on Wycombe District Council for 16 years and part of a progressive alliance that achieved a great deal. I know what a difference having the right people in place, with the right policies, can make."