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A General Election has been called. 

We're ready. Are you?


The gap of the vote share between us and the Tories gets smaller and smaller.

In 2015, we were 14,856 votes off.

In 2017, the difference became only 6,578.

In 2019, let's close that gap and get a Labour MP for Wycombe.

We need you now more than ever in our campaign to rebuild Wycombe.


What will you do?

We're a marginal constituency and we need you here.

Your vote and your support in the 6-weeks running up to the election will make all the difference.

Fill out this quick feedback form and we'll be in touch. If it's your first time getting involved with the party, we're happy to provide training and assistance. Our volunteering is always social and relaxed. We can cater to any needs you may have, and offer transport where we can. We're looking forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!

Your contact details will be stored for the purpose of contacting you regarding campaigning in the run up to the election and will not be shared outside of the Wycombe Constituency Labour Party. 

Are you a Labour party member?
Are you interested in canvassing (speaking to voters) with us?
Could you drop leaflets for us?
How else would you be interested in helping?
Could you be available to help on Polling Day? (12th December 2019)

Social Media Actions

Share the Labour message from the comfort of your home!

Spread the 'Register to Vote' Message!

Get your friends, family and followers to register to vote by posting the link gov.uk/register-to-vote EVERYWHERE! Instagram stories, Social media bios, Facebook statuses - we need this everywhere. Show people you care about their vote and that their vote matters. 

Tell Your Story

Everyone has a unique, indivudual story as to why they vote Labour. Your story is yours to share. Make a social media post, write it, film it - explain the reasons why you vote Labour and share, share, share!

Follow Us

Follow and interact with us on social media to help get our algorithms up and improve the reach of the Labour message.


Talk About Politics

Talking about politics isn’t always easy. Some relationships don’t have the emotional space for it. In the 6-week run up to this election, we’re asking you to make that space and have those conversations. Everyone has their own reasons for voting Labour – that’s your story, and we want you to share it with the people around you.

Feel confident enough to share this with your community? Come out canvassing with us! At our core of canvassers, we’re a big, friendly bunch and try to make canvassing as social as possible, usually by combining it with social walks, pub quizzes, or meals. Find our next canvassing events here and keep up-to-date with them by following our Parliamentary Candidate, Khalil Ahmed, on Facebook.



If you are in a position to donate, we'd be most grateful. It doesn't matter how much or how little it may be - every penny is received with great thanks and put to good use on our campaign trail.


Further Resources

Wycombe Labour Manifesto

Momentum Plan To Win

UK Labour Manifesto

Labour Green New Deal

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