Get involved in shaping Labour Party policy


The National Policy Forum (NPF) held its annual consultation from May to July 2020, receiving a record number of submissions. Thanks to all of you who took part.

This NPF work has been captured in eight reports - one per policy area. Most importantly, each of these proposes a list of Principles on which our policy will be founded as we work towards winning the next General Election. 

Now is our opportunity to have our say as members on these Principles. These are not detailed policies or specific pledges, instead they answer the question 'What do we stand for as a Labour Party in this post-Brexit, post-Covid new decade for Britain?'.

In the words of Keir Starmer: "The principles outlined in the report are based on the values that bring us together as a Party and lay the foundations for the work we will do together over the next four years. Labour wins when we offer a vision of the future that is optimistic and gives people hope that things can and will change for the better, and these principles reflect this."

So, how can you get involved in shaping the Wycombe CLP response to these Principles?

  1. Please click on the links below for the Policy Commissions in which you are interested.

  2. Following each link you will find the Principles for that policy Commission, a link to the report, and a short questionnaire to gather your views on those Principles.

  3. If you would like to take part in small group CLP discussions for any of the policy areas, the questionnaire will also give you the opportunity to put your name forward for these, initial meetings of which will hopefully take place in February 2021 - as the deadline for responses regarding the principles is March 1st!

Many thanks in advance and we look forward to reading your responses, and further discussions with those of you who would like to take that opportunity.

Hilary Payne and Stephen Greiff

Joint Policy Officers, Wycombe CLP



Early Years, Education and Skills Commission

Economy, Business and Trade

Environment, Energy and Culture

Health and Social Care

Housing, Local Government and Transport


Justice and Home Affairs

Work, Pensions and Equality